Devtron is known to craft solutions in a number of innovative ways by employing a range of applications, technology and equipment.
One of the unique sales proposition at Devtron is a clear demarcation between Services and Products.

Whereas our services usually include a range of specific tasks measured against a cost and time constraint, while delivering on a particular outcome, our products tend to be offered more on a stand-alone basis.

Whatever your requirements may be, we are open to meet and discuss a unique solution that addresses your specific needs.
Below follows a list and description of our service and product offering.



We have a longstanding history of operating within a range of different project configurations. We have successfully acted as sub-contractor, maintenance contractor, main contractor and various other co-operative agreements on a wide range of projects, property developments, retail installations and many more.

Let us be of service to you by managing a full or partial project on your behalf. Our project management includes a well-defined Service Level Agreement, Regular Reporting Structures and Budgetary Feedback as and when necessary. Whatever your requirements Devtron possesses extensive experience to be of service to you in a variety of roles and responsibilities.


Once a parameter or security system has been compromised, there is great urgency to re-establish the perimeter integrity, the safety net, optimal functionality and to reduce down-time.

Unfortunately in the majority of such repair jobs, the repairs are nothing than quick-fixes without ever addressing real technical errors or problems, leading to constant repair costs and pressure on operating budgets.

Let us be of service to you, by performing an in depth evaluation and series of tests on the existing installations and infrastructure. We can test functionality of equipment, check the level of compliancy and inspect for any visual wear and tear.


We pride ourselves in having proven our ability to successfully find solutions to problems which have come to be accepted as unsolvable. We have done this without fail for approximately 20 years and we continue to develop new and innovative ways to integrate technology, increase the robustness of systems and installations and by doing so adding value to our client’s value propositions.

With a natural ability to adapt to changing environments and to incorporate new technology, we have resolved a number of constant frustrations for our clients. In fact many of the Devtron products today can be attributed to our approach to performing constant Research and Development activities.

Let us be of service to you and develop a bespoke solution through the application of Research and Development principles or perhaps you would like us to develop and test a specific technology for you, either way give us an opportunity to present our solution.


Many of existing clients continue to develop new businesses, new property developments, new installations, new production plants and so forth. At all of these installations we have seen the slow but constant need for security and parameter systems to be maintained and serviced.

At the premises where this is done with great focus and effort, we note a measurable increase in the longevity of the installations; unfortunately the opposite is also true when installations are poorly maintained.

Let us give you a comprehensive site assessment and present a maintenance program that ensures you see a noticeable increase the durability and stability of your perimeter and security installation by applying regular maintenance and repair tasks. A well-developed program certainly leads to reduced down-time and also aids in improved budgeting and cost management. Cost management, specifically, has become an important factor in the overall assessment of the effectiveness of maintenance and repair programs by Home Owner Associations and Bodies.


Devtron can install and manage the installation process in its entirety, including premier testing and verification of equipment functionality. With the capabilities and range of Devtron products, installations are not only done at the highest technical quality and standards, but also checked against stringent operating protocols.

A Devtron installation comes with a quality stamp of approval and meets a range on stringent technical testing. Our systems are installed and tested against a rigorous set of performance protocols and standards, and equip installation with a unique robustness to withstand a range of demanding operating conditions. With the ability of equipment to operate on cloud based platforms and specialised software, we can perform remote testing, programming, reconfiguration, reporting and a number of other useful client centred functions.



The Circuit Master Software is a specialised software application developed, coded and tested as a dedicated control and management system of the energisers in a specified network. The software is coded to receive event notifications, allowing the user to initiate appropriate actions where necessary.

Some of the functions possible with the software include configuring, controlling, monitoring, switching, reporting, assigning user rights and log-in, naming of energizers, servicing, multiple users and many more useful operator functions.

The program also keeps a log of all events and user initiated actions, which take place on the system. This becomes important user and performance data which is important to management and for investigation officers during security related investigations or crime related incidents.


The DevPayroll software is payroll management program that is used by a number of local and international clients. The program runs automated updates relating to the issuing of new tax tables, changes to remuneration legislation or any other tax and payroll relate changes. All changes and updates on the software are done remotely.

The program is practically laid out and easy to use. As a result it remains in great demand and is offered at an affordable monthly usage fee based on a rate per employee basis.


Many of our clients include security service providers. One of the greatest challenges these companies face is making sure that the various guarding teams are aware of the security system they need to evaluate, work with and test. Reporting of parameter faults and security fences that go off-line remains one the most problematic areas in maintaining good relations with their respective estate clients.

We have developed a niche training course, specifically aimed at presenting a number of training hours to the guards at each installation, to ensure they know how to manage, control, report and maintain the security systems with which they interact and work on a daily basis.

This product has proved to be invaluable to our security service provider clients and has led to improved customer relations and in some cases an improvement of the overall guarding capacity. The training also ensures that the correct technical expertise is dispatched to site for repairs and that downtime is reduced due to correct diagnostic testing and observations. This is service is simply a must for all security service providers.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss your unique training requirements and a potential training solution for your guard compliment.


As a service provider in the field of parameter based security installations, we often work inside existing or install new cabinets and kiosks where cables, switches, energisers and numerous other pieces of important equipment is locked up and protected.

In the field we have identified what we believe to the best performing field Kiosk, namely the CNT3. This structure is rugged, heat resistant and has enough space to fit all the required equipment for your perimeter security.

Give us a call for a free quote on a range of kiosk and cabinets ranging in different sizes.


We also possess the capability to design and install industrial cables and networks to your required specifications. Devtron is a Fibre Optic Association (FOA) certified installer and we have more than 20 years of experience in large fibre optic networks installations. We utilise a range of certified and professional intelligent switching solutions to bring optimised communication and connectivity to your devices.

Let us know if we can provide you with obligation free, a market related quotation on your required cabling and switching requirements.