Cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for the installation, monitoring and maintenance of residential and commercial security.

Expertly extending these solutions into innovative applications within retail, agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

Innovation. Solutions. Technology. These concepts lie at the heart of Devtron’s philosophy and approach to problem-solving for customers. Operating within these three principles is critical to the development of robust solutions.

Solutions that are presented to customers must meet a set of rigorous questions, posed under each of the three critical design principles:


  • Is the solution presented innovative, new and forward thinking?
  • Will the solution be adaptable to system upgrades or add-ons?
  • Can our solution integrate, interface and interact with the existing systems?
  • Can the solution withstand rigorous and multiple system failures?


  • Does the solution resolve the customer’s key concerns?
  • Is the solution cost effective and within budget?
  • Can the solution operate and co-exist with other existing systems?
  • Is the solution reducing the customer’s integrity and cost risks?


  • Have we optimised existing installation technology?
  • Is the technology operating at optimal levels?
  • Is the proposed technology field tested, robust and sturdy?
  • Does the technology have a reliable track record and performance data?

About Devtron

Devtron is an innovative technology company that develops hardware and software solutions in a number of sectors including safety and security, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, property, and many more.

Devtron is uniquely positioned to convert existing data into useful management and commercial information which becomes invaluable in the decision-making and cost management processes.

The majority of solutions are cloud-based and provide 24/7 support. By means of mobile and static applications and user interfaces, clients have immediate system status updates, access to reporting and delivery systems, all customisable in a number of ways.

As system information is cloud based, available and displayed in real-time, customers automatically have improved control and system integrity, preventing potential losses and down-time.

With well-defined system protocols and a customer-focused development philosophy, it comes as no surprise that Devtron is a preferred supplier in the market.

Let’s discuss and explore a range of practical solutions to your unique situation.

Our Management Team

Devtron has a competent management team that takes responsibility for the different key divisions within the company ensuring absolute peace of mind.


Matthew Krinsky – Managing Director

Mat currently heads up the company as Managing Director and Chief Research and Development officer. This position entails finding new innovative technologies that can potentially solve problems for clients in the security, agricultural, retails and fast moving consumable industries. Mat is also responsible for all new projects and ensures that all quality control principles are adhered to and maintained.

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Daniella Krinsky – Operations Manager

Daniella joined Devtron in 2022 to grow her industry experience and learn valuable skills only found when working with a company like Devtron. She brings her teaching and science background as assets to the company to bring it forward into new visions and hopes for the company. 

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Let us be of service to you by managing a full or partial project on your behalf. Our project management includes a well-defined Service Level Agreement, Regular Reporting Structures and Budgetary Feedback as and when necessary.


We have successfully acted as sub-contractor, maintenance contractor, main contractor and various other co-operative agreements on a wide range of projects, property developments, retail installations and many more.

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